By | May 22, 2018

Covina CA isn’t a huge city, but it has quite a few restaurants, 148 of them to be exact. With that many choices, you want some recommendations, right? It helps to get to know the restaurants that are in a city. You might get inspired to find a new place to eat. If you’re on vacation, you just want to know the top ranked restaurants that Covina CA has to offer.

Doesn’t everyone like pancakes? Pancakes are good, and I for one definitely enjoy eating pancakes. How do you like yours served? You can certainly enjoy some delicious pancakes at Flappy Jack’s Pancake House. Located at 640 West Route 66, this pancake house is known for German pancakes and crepes. You can also order up wraps, fruit, oatmeal and all kinds of other delicious breakfast items. If its breakfast you crave, then this pancake house is a great place to stop.

This next restaurant is a bakery and cafe all in one. That sounds pretty cool, don’t you agree? The 85 C Bakery Cafe is located at 2626 East Garvey Avenue South, and you’re definitely going to find breads, cakes and other pastries there. They also serve up delicious drinks and iced coffees. The mac n cheese makes the menu highlights, too. Keep in mind that you’re going to find this bakery and cafe in a strip mall. Reviews say that the sea salt iced coffee is a favorite.

You’ve just taken a good look at a bakery and cafe in Covina, and now it’s time to take a look at a delicatessen. Old World Delicatessen is located at 2648 East Workman Avenue, and it is known for soups, sandwiches, pizza and more. When you visit a deli, you usually think about getting a delicious sandwich, but a nice pizza with fresh ingredients from the deli would be great, right?

Is it fish you crave? You can get fish and other great seafood when you visit The Pacific Fish Grill, which is part of West Covina. It is located at 2851 East Eastland Center, and fish tacos are a favorite there. The place features a great happy hour, and you order at the counter.

With these restaurant picks, you get pancakes, seafood, sandwiches, pizza and you get to visit a bakery and cafe. Talk about eating some great food! You just have to pick which one you’re going to stop by first as you make your way to a restaurant in Covina CA.