MatthewRutkowski copyThank you for clicking! I’m Matt and if you’re up for it, I want to share what I love about the practice of yoga. The process will be a little more challenging than clicking something on the interweb, but hopefully it will be more useful to you.

I teach this practice because it has helped me, it currently helps me, and if I keep doing it, I bet it will continue to help me; something like that is too good to keep to oneself. Yoga came into my life at the end of a toxic relationship. We can all do stupid stuff after a break-up, and I was going for the crown. Luckily, the person that just exited my life had planted the seed that yoga was something that I should try. I hopped in the first basics class I could find and woaaaaaaaaah. I think that’s 9 “A”s, but it should be 108 “A”s. Yoga joke, you might chuckle. In the following years, I found that when I practice, I can hear better. Not just hear, but listen. That chatter that floats between the ears all day may or may not disappear, but I can sift through it a little more efficiently and honestly. I can situate myself more honestly within context. I worry a little bit less. I’m more patient…maybe not when driving…it’s coming, though. And I want to pass on what I have been taught….to YOU!

First, I want you to be comfortable. There are parts to this process that may drain you of every last bit of mental and physical energy that you have. If you can come to your practice with the internal fortitude that you can conquer the world, but with enough levity that as the new global emperor you will give everyone a bucket of puppies, our yoga time together will be amazing. Secondly, come by frequently enough to get some tips, but like Cheap Trick never said, “I want you to not want me.” Do this stuff at home, where your concentration will truly be tested by the dust bunnies under your couch. Leave them alone. They’ll be there after savasana, and then you vacuum. Lastly, I want us to figure out what works for you. Talk to me after class! I’m loud and sometimes obnoxious, but I care and I want you to LOVE your practice.

“With the power of soul…anything is possible”—Jimi Hendrix”