Karen started practicing yoga after many years of participating in traditional fitness using running, weight training and other group classes to stay fit. She is an active competitive runner and completed her first half marathon in May, 2007 and second in October, 2008. “Running and yoga are the perfect complements to each other. They both have meditative aspects as well as great fitness benefits. But where running can tighten muscles and joint systems, yoga opens these up and balances out the body.”

After attending Baron’s Level 1 Teacher Training, she realized that teaching yoga was really what she wanted to do for a living. After a period of planning, she transitioned from her corporate life taught full time for three years starting in 2003. Karen was the first Certified Baptiste Yoga teacher and continues to teach regularly. She returned to her corporate career in September 2007 and now teaches as an adjunct to a corporate career. “Finding balance in life is critical to health and wellness and finding a way to integrate teaching yoga, practicing yoga and working full-time in the corporate arena is a true exercise daily in how to find balance.”

Karen has an undergraduate physical therapy background and a degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Boston University and a Masters in Health Care Administration from Simmons College. Karen has worked with head injured individuals as a clinical social worker, the health insurance industry, Managed Care consulting and a HR consulting firm. She also has a fitness background and has taught in health clubs as a group fitness instructor. She also created a personal chef business, The Main Dish and has cooked for some notable Bostonians.

She has found that teaching is her true calling and purpose in life; it provides her with an ideal way to tap into both her spiritual and physical energy and help others access theirs as well. Karen lives in Charlestown and taught classes at Charlestown Yoga when it first opened. She is happy to be back in the studio helping bring yoga to the residents of the neighborhood.